'Urbexing' With Social Media Photographer Vic Invades

If you have been on Instagram lately, there is a good chance you have seen "urbex" photography. Urbex, short for urban exploration, is where people venture deep into cities, exploring areas such as the tops of skyscrapers and depths of subway tunnels where the public isn't allowed to go. Victor Thomas, known as his Instagram name Vic Invades, is a kid from Brooklyn with a love for urbex.

Thomas is the self-proclaimed Robin Hood of photography, stealing views that are normally reserved for only a few, and sharing them with the world. The NY Times recently published this documentary following Thomas as he hangs off of some of the tallest building in N.Y.C. and explores subways tunnels with trains rushing by. While Thomas captures some beautiful, death-defying images, it comes with a cost. While most urbexers find trespassing part of the thrill, the reality is that not only can you get arrested but it can be insanely dangerous. Not to mention, not everyone agrees with the dangers of dangling over the edge of a tall building just to create art. Check out the NY Times documentary to see some views that will take your breath away and feel free to share your opinion on the perils of urbexing in the comments section below. 

[via NY Times and PetaPixel]

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Barry Chapman's picture

I'm surprised that the New York Times and even FStoppers would promote an illegal and dangerous activity that has already led to deaths in Russia http://petapixel.com/2015/10/04/russian-teen-falls-to-death-while-shooti...

It's also not only the photographer whose life is at risk, as they could place law enforcement or the public in danger if something goes wrong.

Max Leitner's picture

The closer to death you are, the more alive you feel. Let that sink in. Aside the above video is a pretty shabby portrait of what we do.

Barry Chapman's picture

If feeling close to death is what it takes for you to feel alive you're doing it wrong.

Anonymous's picture

Lighten up Barry. You'll be invited to more parties. (or is going to parties doing life wrong too?) HOW DO I LIFE RIGHT BARRY?

Barry Chapman's picture

Sorry you equate parties to near death experiences Rob, I don't.

Anonymous's picture

Nice!!! i like this kind of photography!!

David Lara's picture

Although the end results it's great art....the danger is no different than shooting on a train track? High reward..yes...but comes with High Risk.

Max Leitner's picture

It's not always for the reward.

Keith Davis's picture

As someone that is afraid of heights... just watching hurt...lol

Alex Kalimat's picture

Watching it I feel a complex combination of awe, envy, fear, exhilaration, disapproval all at the same time:-D Love seeing these views that most of us wouldn't without this.

Christian Berens's picture

frickin nuts!

Some of those photos are great! I hope he stays safe!

Anonymous's picture

His cityscapes are great! Sadly, I don't think I have enough shoes to ever take up this genre