Watch As School Children In Uganda See A Drone Fly For The First Time

Sometimes we all take for granted the sheer wonder of the tools at our disposal in this industry. Sometimes what it takes is transplanting those tools to a world a little further removed from technology, and sometimes seeing it through the joy and amazement of a childs reaction is exactly the perspective that is needed. That is exactly what Mark Brandon Smith did when he flew his drone for a group of school children in Uganda and their reaction to it will put a smile on your face.

Smith was out in Uganda as part of a Non-profit organization when the video was captured. He describes how the event came to be:

The headmaster of a school there asked me to give the kids a show with the drone. I launched the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and flew a short flight. The students loved it and kept asking for more once the drone landed […] I quickly became a village celebrity; the locals would even make buzzing drone-like noises whenever walking past me on the streets!


Next time you get bogged down on technical details or frustrated with your equipment, sit back and try to take a fresh perspective on things. You might have simply forgotten how amazing the equipment you already have is!

[via DIYPhotography]

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Thanks for sharing. It really did put a smile on my face.

This kind of thing actually is helpful. It might inspire a few of them to do great and study hard for them to be able to get hold of such tech or make one.

ON THE FUNNY SIDE: This is the same reaction humans will show whenever drones takes over the planet.

Do you realize that most of them will never have to change to own something that is prized a year's earning in their cases no mater how great they will do and how hard they would like to study simply because they never get equal possibilities?

anything is possible.

You don't know what INSPIRATION can do. Not everyone would make it, but I always admire people fight for their dreams.

I have a few friends from Africa who came from less fortunate families that are now successful here in Dubai and continues to support their loved ones. For me, if my friends can do it, I highly doubt those children wont.

Another one who is flying drone above people .... this is why i'm against drones ... And most of you are smiling.

Another fearful soul who is frowning at children, delighted and amazed, by something wondrous.

Go suck another lemon. Me, i'm going to build a rocket, stick an Estes engine in it, and invite the neighborhood kids over for an explosive launch.