10 Creative Photography Mindsets You Need in Iceland

Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is an unforgiving country at the best of times. In this video we learn how two native Icelandic photographers manage to stay full-time in the wintry landscape.High winds, long winters, and unforgiving volcanic terrain are just a few things that come to mind when we picture Iceland as a country. Unfathomable beauty and intricate ice formations shine below the northern lights on this island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and there's so many opportunities for fantastic photography opportunities.

We often hear photography advice such as "find your niche" and "stick with one thing", especially for beginner photographers. As Einar and Gyda point out in their latest video, this works well for those living in populace areas such as New York City, but when it comes to an isolated country that thrives on tourism, it's not sustainable.

Follow the two photographers as they outline their thoughts on the 10 best creative mindsets from the point of view of native Icelanders that also work as full-time photographers and see how they approach their work day-to-day in this insightful video. Starting out in just wildlife photography Einar and Gyda ruminate on copying old photography masters, making something new and creative and taking inspiration from other photographers in their approach to extending out to landscape photography. They discuss the need to diversify their income streams, as well as detailing how they make the majority of their income in one of the world's most remote but stunning countries.

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