5 Helpful Tips for Photographing Wildlife From a Boat

When you think of wildlife and bird photography, you probably think of being hidden somewhere in a bush or a field, staying still and out of sight. And while that is a great approach, it certainly is not the only way; in fact, it can be tremendous fun (and give you new opportunities) to head out on a boat with your camera. This excellent video tutorial will give you five helpful tips for photographing wildlife from a boat.

Coming to you from Lisa Langell with B&H Photo and Video, this awesome video tutorial will give you five helpful tips for improving your wildlife images when shooting from a boat. Boats can be a fantastic way to get a new perspective of or access to locations you could not otherwise. One complicating factor that you will want to remember right off the bat, however, is the motion of a boat. Boats are almost always in motion, even when you are not going anywhere, and as such, even if you are photographing animals that are not in motion, you will likely need to bump up your shutter speed at least a bit to keep everything sharp. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Langell. 

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