Cats, the Internet, and Photography Tips

Welcome to the Internet, where cats pretty much reign supreme and photos of cats are among the foundations of the web itself. All joking aside, anytime you're photographing animals (even the elusive house cat) here are some practices that can make your life a bit easier.

Did you know cats are awesome? Yeah, of course you did, you're on the Internet after all. Which also means you know that all cat photography is not created equal. If you could have a bad photo of a cat, or a purrfect (yeah, I went there) photo of your cat, which would you want? When you know you want a better Internet-worthy image of a cat, Josh Fenn and his cat Wolfie has some solid tips to help you get there. 

These tips range from the pretty straight forward to some more creative ideas you can try out with your cat (or your friend's cat). Many of these tips can be applied more generally to photography as well and serve as simple building blocks to help you improve your overall images. Today you're snapping images of your house cat, tomorrow a lion chasing down a gazelle. 

What's your experience with cats? Are you a fan? Maybe you're allergic or had a bad experience as a child or maybe you spend all days taking photos with your phone of your cat already. Either way, the video has some cool insights into taking better photos, something we can all agree is a good thing. Now get out there and add some more feline photos to the internet, don't wait, do it right meow. 

Evan Kane is a portrait photographer based near Seattle. He specializes in colorful location portraits with a bit of a fairy tale flair. Always looking to create something with emotion behind it, he fell backwards into photography in mid 2015 and has been pursuing this dream ever since. One if his mottos: "There is always more to learn."

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Max, my constant companion and favorite subject.


For the last couple of years I shoot mostly cats, for fun. My home is catsfree, so on a day off I arrange with a breeder to shoot at his place. An average session lasts between 6 to 8 hours. I am motivated because it gives me some studio experience and the breeders are happy to get some above smartphone level pictures. Newborn, family and product photography usually bores me, and my wife doesn't approve me taking pictures of girls ;) . She doesn't mind cats though. Check my FB if you like cats:

I have a dedicated page on my website for cats. My advice is to watch their behavior and make them feel comfortable. Cats are a fun way to practice photography skills

Poesjkin my favourite subject and companion.

Someone just told me the video got shared, thanks so much for the feature Evan! Actually just signed up for fstoppers a few days ago actually, recently discovered the YT Channel and have been binging through the photo critiques. :)

"Did someone say cat photos?!" - Tucker