Wedding Photographer Has an Unexpected Guest at Engagement Shoot: A Black Metal Band

Wedding Photographer Has an Unexpected Guest at Engagement Shoot: A Black Metal Band

With Halloween just a week away, it seems fitting that I’ve got an article for you today that involves a black metal band. Last week, Wedding Photographer Janet Wheeland was out with a couple for an engagement photo session. While they did have a theme of "Forrest Gump" going in to the day, later that evening things would take a black, leathery, face-painted turn.

While at Holy Jim Canyon in California, Wheeland and the couple, John Awesome Nguyen and Nydia Hernandez, slowly made their way along different trails to take your standard engagement-style portraits. Nice light, a pretty landscape, great weather. John and Nydia even dressed a little bit like characters from "Forrest Gump" with things like a flower crown, Bubba Gump hat, and so on.

I encouraged them to make their engagement photos personal and uniquely them and they wanted part of their photoshoot to be an ode to John Awesome's favorite movie, "Forrest Gump."

Things were going well, but as day turned to night, something appeared in the forest.

This darling theme quickly changed when we ran into a black metal band named "Coldvoid" in the middle of the dark forest. They had nails, bullets, a noose, and a black candelabra that dripped like red blood when lit. Coldvoid was preparing to do promo photos for the band since it was a full moon that night.

Coldvoid was asked if they would join in for a few of John and Nydia's photos, and the black metal band agreed.

If only Coldvoid had some extra face paint for John and Nydia, this could have been even better. Maybe if Coldvoid gets the call to play music at the wedding reception, they’ll have another chance to work together. If not, they'll always have full moons and dark forests.

[via ABC News and Janet Wheeland]

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As an massive fan of black metal, this is AMAZING.


Its kind of unusual shoot indeed. But I must say the idea is really unique and its looking something that we dont see in regular wedding photography.

That'd be a save the date card people would actually look twice at!