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Elusive Snow Leopard Shoots Purrfect Selfies

Have you ever been fortunate enough to see a snow leopard out in the wild? Yeah, me neither, and it may be because they are busy taking selfies just like us.

Brought to you via Daily Mail, we hear the story of wildlife photographer Terry Townshend's good fortune in capturing the snow leopard capturing itself. This leopard can be seen investigating the camera system that Townshend had placed in the mountains as it sees and approaches the setup in curiosity. This could very well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Townshend, so congratulations are in order for his timing, dedication, and good luck. You'll find more information about Mr. Townshend on his website dedicated to birding in China

Found in harsh mountainous regions like China, Nepal and India, the snow leopard is without a doubt one of nature's rarities. Take a moment and read up on these beautiful creatures here. These animals were once listed as an endangered species and are still vulnerable to poaching, habitat destruction, and climate change, among other threats.

Is there one animal that you'd love to see first-hand in the wild? I know that for me, a snow leopard would definitely be on my list. An experience like this one, retrieving your camera setup only to find that a leopard has come to investigate is a pretty amazing story. I'm definitely a bit jealous. 

Images used with permission from Terry Townshend.

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Maximilian Sulzer's picture

Do these camera traps have a fixed focus?

M M's picture

Usually yes. This looks like a regular trail camera was used.

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

I think it was just a case of manually dialed focus and motion detector in the wrong place / pointed into wrong direction. Have it caught it earlier it could be in focus.

John Ohle's picture

I wonder will PETA be looking for the rights to this image on behalf of the Snow Leopard? : )

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

Unlike the monkey the Leopard didn't push the trigger ;)
So it's technically not a selfie.

Brian Wetzel's picture

hahaha, sad but true.

Maximilian Sulzer's picture


Kerri Jean's picture

An animal that I would love to photograph in the wild - from a very long distance - is a Jaguar.

Kurt Hummel's picture

Rhino is one I would love to be able to photograph in its natural habitat.