Getting Started With Bird Videography: A Three-Part Series

Bird photography is a lot of fun, but once video gets into the mix it can be really confusing on how to do it right. Tim Boyer shares three educational videos containing many tips that will get you off on the right foot.

In part one above, Boyer starts things up at the most basic level by introducing a few things to look out for while outdoors recording video. If you're completely new to shooting video, these are going to be things that you may not have necessarily paid much mind to before when strictly photographing birds.

In part two below, Boyer begins to get into the technical talk of what you need to know to record video of those beautiful birds. Learn what settings to use for shutter speed, aperture, and ISO here. In addition, start thinking of the end goal for your bird footage, and how your individual clips will come together to create a complete video.

Finally, in part three of the series shown below, Boyer has several more techniques to really get a grip on storytelling for bird videos. These tips involve more ways to get cinematic looking footage and how to piece everything together as a-roll and b-roll.

What are your tips for creating compelling wildlife video? Share in the comments below.

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