Photographing Hawks With the Sony a7R IV and 200-600mm Lens

In this behind-the-scenes bird photography video, I get my camera out to photograph rough-legged hawks hovering above a field like the adorable angels of death they are.

Spring migration is ramping up, and while for some species that means they are coming here to breed, in the case of the rough-legged hawks, they are on their way out heading home to the arctic tundra. I happen to live relatively near one of the gateways to the north as the birds circumvent Lake Superior, and have noticed growing numbers of these hawks pass through. On this particular day I watched and photographed around five floating in the air above a field near the side of the road.

To be clear, this video has nothing to do with my gear, but photographers of course always seem to be heavily interested in what other people are using whether that be for purchasing decisions or forming opinions. On that note, Sony surely isn’t perfect for me, but if you do wind up with an a7R IV in your hands I highly recommend checking out this thorough setup video for birds in flight put together by Mark Smith.

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