The Snow Leopard Photographed With an 800mm by Vincent Munier

Vincent Munier is a Nikon ambassador, but more importantly, he’s probably one of the best animal and wildlife photographers. He’s photographed quite a few subjects in his career, but shooting the snow leopard in its environment was an exceptional project. It's one that Nikon supported and we now can enjoy through this beautiful video.

The French photographer was very excited by this challenge; being in a remote place, with no one around, looking for an animal that can hide better than any other. The snow leopard is such a master of camouflage that, according to Munier, one could be a couple of feet away from you and you wouldn’t even notice it.

Luckily enough, he found a female that he could photograph in different angles as she was circling around him, moving very much like a cat would. Capturing such pictures requires some heavy gear, but like Munier mentions, it’s easier when standing in one place for two to three days. Then working with 800mm isn’t as much of a big deal as when long walks are required. In such case, he reckons a 300mm would be much better suited.

Wildlife and animal photography is such a unique genre, one that makes many dream and others wonder what’s so special about it. What do you think? Do you enjoy watching such videos or do you prefer more trendy behind the scenes with portrait, beauty, or fashion content? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Elan Govan's picture

Great admiration....for wildlife photographers.

Jeff Diffner's picture

Isn't the the ending from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

Thomas Lohr's picture

Exactly my thoughts - the photographer even looks like Sean Penn

Leif Egil Hegdal's picture

Some amazing shots there. Great dedication and work

What happened after the cat was "hunting" him???

Jurgen Cornelissen's picture

Asking the real question here...
He's giving an interview so I'm guessing it wasn't a succesfull hunt.

Simon Patterson's picture

Maybe he changed his camera from "quiet mode" back to "loud mode" and scared it away! 😂

Bruce Hargrave's picture

I have the Nikon D500 and I am also a wildlife photographer. Vincent mentions that camera and praises the 'quiet mode'. I've got to say, the quiet mode is not very quiet! It wasn't very quiet on my D810 and it's not very quiet on the D500. Perhaps the Snow Leopard was a bit deaf?

Mark James's picture

Shots are OK, but it just sounds like an ad to me. BBC has stunning shots of snow leopards.

Simon Patterson's picture

D'ya reckon a Nikon ambassador on the Nikon channel telling us he's been sponsored by Nikon for the shoot might be advertising something? No way, get outta here! 😁

Alex Kroke's picture

You need Flash Player 9 and allow javascript to see the content of this site..

He should update Website so we can see the nice photos in 2017

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

I briefly worked for him some years ago, and did printings for an exhibition in France, about his Arctic images. It's a very talented and humble guy. It was a pleasure to work for him.