Add VFX to Your Instagram Stories Videos Without the Hassle of After Effects

Since Stories have been added to Instagram, every social influence has tried to differentiate himself from the crowd. From filming with a camera like a vlog to editing images in Photoshop before adding them to a story, I’ve seen just about everything. The trend lately has been to integrate text on pictures to make it more attractive. Matti Haapoja from TravelFeels has come with an app to go one step further and tracked text to his content.

You may wonder what tracked text is and that’s normal. It’s not something we’ve heard quite often until now. Tracked text is simply text that is added in a way that if you move your camera around it will stay where you placed it. Say you add text on top of a house and then pan, the text will match the parallax change and movement of your camera but won’t move. It will look as if it was floating where you placed it. But better than my words to explain this, the video above will show you everything the app is capable of for just $1.99.

I’ve been following Haapoja for a while on Instagram, and I must admit, before he released this app, I was wondering if he was honestly spending time in After Effects or another similar software to edit his stories content. But no, the answer was his new app called Placer Cam and it does, indeed, make your story stand out. So if you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself from your competition, look no further.

Placer Cam is currently available for iOS devices for $1.99.

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Wayne Denny's picture

This is pretty cool. Any plans for android?

Why doesn't it already work like this in After Effects ?

An excellent potential time saver...

Is it just me, or has the iTunes store link disappeared? Hopefully it'll come back up, but as of 10pm PST Sat night I can't seem to find the app, at the iTunes or App Store.

Hopefully it's a result of my ineptitude.

Marcus Månsson's picture

I found it, needs IOS 11 now though

Jay Jay's picture

If you check the iTunes store for this and read the reviews, you'll see that developer support is extremely poor, i.e. nonexistant, on everyone's complaints/suggestions/questions, etc. No update since October either, meaning no iPhone X support. I definitely wouldn't touch it.