Instagram is Bringing an Intriguing 'Buy Now' Feature for Products Within Posts Next Week

Everyone might not be familiar or privy to the changes that Instagram has made over the last couple years, but one thing is for sure, they are doing some great things when dealing with brands and how they feed ads to their consumers. Next week, they will begin to roll out a feature in which select brands will be able to tag specific products for people to click through and purchase with one click, all in-app.

Before you get into a huge hissy about more ads and more brands trying to sell me on products, it seems like a brilliant move and one that will help people find exactly what they want when fed promotion within their feeds. That pair of shoes, handbag, or even hair band could easily be clicked through to purchase all within the app itself. 

This is what it will look like. When noticing a brand that is promoting a product, you will see in the bottom left corner a prompt to see more. Then, each product will be highlighted with its price and made clickable. Those clicks bring you to a URL within the brands site to purchase on the spot. Quite impressive and fairly smooth if you ask me. 

So far, brands such as Kate Spade, Warby Parker, J. Crew, Macy’s, and Target are all on board. What do you think? Is this a feature you would look at using in the near future?

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Anonymous's picture

It would be nice if we could sell prints that way.

Mike Kelley's picture

To be honest I don't think anyone will ever sell a print above maybe $25 directly through instagram. I would be surprised if I was wrong, though.

Anonymous's picture

I'd agree and I've always wondered how NG, Reuters, and the others that have done the limited edition IG prints have done.


Well, seelling 10,000 prints at $25 dollars doesn't sound bad at all. I do think it's awesome and would be a great option to selling prints. I'll definitely try it out.

Dusty Wooddell's picture

All of my IG images soon for sale. $1,000,000

Phil Newton's picture

As long as it isn't too intrusive, which it doesn't look like, it's probably a logical next step for Instagram. Maybe this will help 'the little guy/gal' expand their products and build their business, I'm liking the current trend of smaller, almost bespoke businesses and crafts-people mixing it up.

Hans Rosemond's picture

Looks like they are trying to compete with Etsy.

Bruce Hildebrand's picture

How does IG make money? Do they get a cut from the sale?