New Disposable Camera App Already Over One Million Downloads

New Disposable Camera App Already Over One Million Downloads

There have been many trends in photography, but one that’s been quickly picking up speed has been the disposable aesthetic, with celebrities creating separate Instagram accounts for their photos captured on film, like model Gigi Hadid, YouTube creator Tana Mongeau, and the app’s founder, YouTube creator David Dobrik, each amassing over 150,000 followers. 

One of the most popular creators on YouTube, David Dobrik, has created David's Disposable– an app that replicated the nostalgic look of the disposable camera. Since its release on December 23rd, it has secured over one million downloads and held the top spot on Apple’s Free Apps list. The app currently has 4.5/5 stars and almost 3,000 reviews on the App Store. It not only offers the experience of shooting digital images that look disposable, but also offers photo-printing and delivery for $0.99. 

The app’s design is simple, and truthfully, there are other apps that do basically the same thing. But Adam Hadi, a member of the marketing team behind the app, explains that the app’s popularity comes down to Dobrik’s likability. He explains: “People are pushing back in this era against trying to be perfect, and you can’t be perfect with a disposable camera. It’s his app. People love David, and this is just another way to interact with him.” 

Lead image: David's Disposable / App Store

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Laura Ersoy is a portrait and music photographer based in the New York/New Jersey area. She currently works as a Digital Designer, while also serving as Editor-in-Chief for the independent music & culture publication, EUPHORIA. Magazine.

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Doesn't come up when I search for the app.

Also, it's called "David's Disposable"... Not mentioned in the article.

People also love the Kardashians. What does that say about people?

There is an app to get rid of Kardashians online ,-)

So many things are disposable. Begin with trends, instagram models, all of us. So, smile for the camera ! :-D

It's a direct copy of Huji which has been available for quite a while now.

It's also not available on Android, or outside of the US, so bit of a waste of time really.

I didn't know you needed an app to make your photos look worse on a smartphone.

"... the experience of shooting digital images that look disposable" — apparently I've been wrong all this time, trying to shoot digital images that look like keepers!

Only for ios13 or later so I can't use it on iPad air 2. I can use it on my phone but I'm not into editing pics on a small phone screen. Though a review I read said the free version is full of ads. No thanks.

fstoppers wtf, this is just a straight up ad for an app, that by all accounts is rubbish. Also when did "the product is terrible but the owner of the company is a nice guy so please buy it" become the level of discourse at fstoppers?

Laura, thanks. Interesting trend. Better would be to define such aesthetic in concrete terms, to give good artistic examples, beside simply listing celebs and ytpops. And may be to make an attempt to give a workaround in LR or PS. That could be more in line with what FS should be.