Report Claims iOS 13 Will Allow Lightroom CC to Import Photos Directly From External Storage

Report Claims iOS 13 Will Allow Lightroom CC to Import Photos Directly From External Storage

Big updates of iOS always bring the promise of new and exciting features, there are few updates photographers have been clamoring for more than the ability to directly import photos into apps, and it looks like the wait is over.Lightroom on the iPad Pro is pretty impressive. I have used it to edit several sessions, even one where I had to do a skin color change for a cosplay series; something made incredibly easy by utilizing the Apple Pencil. However, I have always gone the route of importing raw files to my computer and uploading as a Smart Collection that I would then edit on my iPad, because importing images into Lightroom CC for iPad is such a pain in the ass. You have to import them from your memory card into your camera roll, then from your camera roll into Lightroom CC. Trust me, it sucks. A new report from 9To5Mac indicates that mind-numbingly awful process may soon be coming to an end as one of the updates that will be announced with iOS 13 will include API access for third party apps to access and import media from external storage.

With a new API, apps will be able to capture photos from external devices such as cameras and SD cards, without having to go through the Photos app.

While the current multiple steps might seem like a small inconvenience, it's the primary reason many photographers don't bother with utilizing their iPad Pros for editing. I, for one, am very excited about this new update and look forward to taking it for a spin.

This new feature (and many more) is expected to be announced at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference this June. We will be sure to test out the new feature if/when it becomes available and let you know what we think. 

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This would definitely help my travel workflow. Fingers crossed.

If you can import from external and also export to external....I don't even know how excited I would be. Travel workflow and backup dreams.

Finally a good reason to invest in an USB C external SSD.

I just got a 2TB USB C external SSD by SanDisk the other day for $280 from Amazon. Prices are coming down.

Woah woah woah... Let's not get ahead of ourselves here!

I can’t wait. I even bought a new iPad Pro with pencil for the promised release of Photoshop for iPad.

Tethering? You want it all! And I do too.

That's a great question. It SEEMS like it would, but you know how apple is lol

Give me Photo Mechanics on the iPad and a way to import/export directly and I will be in heaven. When I'm photographing Supercross I have a few minutes between races, but not enough time to get back to the photo den and my computer. My publisher wants photos as soon as possible. Being able to download from the SD card to the iPad via PhotoMechanic, tag my photos, select and then upload to my publisher in those few minutes I have would be great!

IOS needs a full file system to continue growing. We need use external storage in the same way as built in storage.