The Best Images from GuruShots "Impressive Architecture" Challenge

The Best Images from GuruShots "Impressive Architecture" Challenge

GuruShots is a photography website that hosts "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” In their latest challenge, they invited participants to submit their best photos of "Impressive Architecture." The challenge received thousands of entries and millions of votes. You can see the three winners of the challenge as well as hundreds of top rated images below.

GuruShots offers a wonderful community for people to share their photos with. There are constantly new themed challenges that offer a wide variety of prizes hosted every week. 

Ilan Shacham, Israel - Top Photographer

Nikoleta Zlateva, Bulgaria - Top Photo

Georgy Bezborodov, Russia - Gurus Top Pick

David Strauss's picture

David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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Really? Maybe i don't get the point in "impressive". Especially the second one has horrible halos and a really weird postproduction. Not to mention the "nearly" vertical lines. For me at least two of them look like cellphone snapshots.

[Rant mode on]
Really ?
Usually, I refrain myself, but I can't help but being judgemental about this.
Among the 3 "winners", two of them show some filters badly used, and most of the images proposed cruelly lack of originality. Apart from the clichés seen hundred times (cubic houses, Budapest parliament, London museum,...), which are more travel photos than architecture ones, I also see a overuse of HDR, or no post processing at all, crooked pictures, mediocre framing.
I think that this article shows images which are not up to the standards of those displayed on Fstoppers generally.
[Rant mode off]

Only 97 photos currently posted. Gurushots challenge stated there would be 500?

The iFrame at the bottom wasn't loading correctly. It's fixed now.

If those winning images were on Fstoppers contests, I don't think any of them would have won (unless randomly selected). Especially, the last two.

I think what is impressive is the architecture. And the call was for best shots of impressive architecture. Not impressive photographs of architecture. On that level I think it succeeds.

I think it's an advertising post.....sloping and poorly edited buildings...:)