How to Photograph a Hotel/Resort WAMA 3 BTS Episode 2

We recently released Where Art Meets Architecture 3 with Mike Kelley, our newest tutorial on photographing hotels and resorts. With this new tutorial comes a new behind the scenes series and in Episode 2, Mike reveals a lot of tips and tricks of the trade. Each episode of our BTS series can be wildly different. Some episodes might be for entertainment only and may not have that much "photography" content. This episode is a balance of entertainment and education as Mike Kelley works through four different images, and I try a bidet for the first time. 

To learn more about the full tutorial head over to the Fstoppers Store and stay tuned for next week's behind the scenes episode. 

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Peter Mueller's picture

"Pain is temporary - film is forever."
In this case "photo".

Sudhir Damerla's picture

The last picture of the conference room. Are the before and after images the other way around?

Mike Kelley's picture

Looks it.

Lee Morris's picture

Whoops. I'll fix it when I get in

Ralph Hightower's picture

It may be possible to adjust the power settings on your Dell laptops so everything functions, USB connections and external Ethernet with less than 100% power.
Your Dell laptops probably have Windows 10 and I am referencing an AC powered desktop; but click on the Control Panel and then choose Power Options. From there, choose "Change plan settings" and then choose "Changed advanced power settings" and play with the options.

Lee Morris's picture

After we filmed this I came home and called dell and they did a ton of updates that may have fixed it. We are heading to NYC for a project on Friday and I'll know for sure then if it's fixed.