Experience Epic Milky Way and Fog Photography Above the Golden Gate Bridge

Have you ever had a shoot fail to go as planned? How often do you come away with images that you love, but weren't expecting? Check out this video to see how Michael Shainblum makes the best of a sunset shoot that didn't pan out. 

As photographers, we tend to make plans and establish expectations for how a shoot will go. Once we envision the images we hope to come away with, it is often difficult to break away from those expectations and adapt to the actual shooting conditions we are dealt by the forces of nature or other variables. However, if we slow down to take in our surroundings and consider alternatives, there are often alternative options that may surprise us. 

In this video, Michael Shaiblum met with friend and fellow photographer Joe Pierce to capture the sunset at a local beach. When the heavy fog set in and blocked any chance at interesting sunset conditions, rather than pack up and head home, they adapted and chose to move locations to a higher elevation, where the fog provided actually provided an interesting subject. 

Having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue. — Lao Tzu

This passage from the Tao Te Ching expresses the key to unfettered creation: letting go of expectations. Expectations and emotions are strongly linked, and when an expectation is not met, it is often followed by negative emotion, which can cloud our creative flow and block us from seeing the beauty around us. One of the most important skills as a photographer is the ability to adapt to conditions and changing light. If we work with conditions as they present themselves, we may be surprised what we can discover and create that wasn't part of the plan. 

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Images used with permission of Michael Shainblum.

Devin is a landscape photographer based in the western United States. He enjoys capturing images of mountains, forests, waterfalls, deserts and seascapes. His passion for landscape photography extends to post processing and education. He offers live feedback and instruction for Lightroom and Photoshop via his website.

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