A Simple Way to Extend Your Audio Tracks

When creating videos, sometimes finding that perfect song, music score, or track takes a while. Then when you place it together and the music isn’t long enough, manually cutting and extending the track can take some time. What if I told you there’s an easy and automated way to extend your selected track to any length.

Personally, I have edited a track to fit my project the long way before, spending a good amount of time sitting and splicing the track up into pieces, copying it and adding it all back together to make it work. Another scenario is cutting the footage down to make it fit the track instead. No longer will I spend hours editing tracks thanks to Peter McKinnon. In his latest video, he shares a very useful tip to automate the process of extending a track to any length.

You can jump to the 1:23 mark in the video to where Peter starts talking about this very subject. By using Adobe Audition and creating a new multitrack session, change the duration setting of that track, wait a few seconds and let Audition do its magic. Once it’s done, your original track has been remixed and looped together into your new targeted duration. It’s that easy, so much time will be saved from now on… at least for me. How have you been extending the duration of your tracks or music scores?

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filmmaking in 2017 = peter mckinnon ONLY ?!? wtf? Really I don't have anything against him but seeing only articles based on his videos is quite annoying and lazy.

Peter McKinnon videos are great learning opportunities. Complaining for the sake of complaining is annoying and lazy.

Saved. This drove me nuts but I'm just getting used to Audition from Sonar and Sound Forge.

This sounds like the audio equivalent of content-aware scaling. Thanks for the link.

I can tell you from experience this rarely works as advertised. It's awesome when it does, but it's not accurate 9/10 times. Unfortunate, but hopefully as time goes by it'll evolve into something reliable.

I agree with the first comment. Seems like every peter mckinnon tutorial is regurgitated as an article on this site. I follow his channel, he puts out great content and learn from it. I come to fstoppers to learn something new.

I'm always chopping up audio files to fit animation - how did I not know about this?!

I prefer the old school way of just finding an out point and looping it that way. You can hide the cut under an appropriate sound effect with a small dissolve or just find the beat and let it go. Another big thing is to change the music up. New music is like a new paragraph in an essay, you need to break up your narrative points so I rarely even have to loop stuff I've dropped in because of that.

"...jump to the 1:23 mark" - Typical Peter McKinnon video, also too common with most YouTubers which have a minimum of 45 seconds of fluff before actually getting to the point.

I complain, yet I watch the videos anyway (but usually at 2x speed to save time).