Stop Ignoring Sound and Learn How to Create Amazing Audio for Your Video

UK-based filmmaker, and DSLRguide creator, Simon Cade, walks us through the importance of good audio in our videos. Cade also shows us the gear he uses, how he gets his samples, and how he puts it all together in post. But the biggest take away for me was seeing the amount of creativity, and exploration that actually goes into sound creation.

With a couple of decades of photography experience behind me, it may come as some surprise that I've only just recently been taking an interest in video creation, and filmmaking. I knew sound was important to those things but to be honest I didn't realize how important. In my ignorance I started scouring the internet for what to buy without any real understanding of what I needed and why. Lucky I didn't make any purchases because our very own Lee Morris and Patrick Hall just produced, and published a post on their Favorite Lav Mic System. If you need help choosing the right gear for the job, that post may help you remove some of the tedium that comes with getting good quality sound. Yes I said tedium. And that is how I saw it at first. That is until I watch Cade's video and saw learned how much fun there is to be had when it comes to creating your own sounds for your videos.

[via DSLRguide]

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