Using a DJI Mavic Pro to Light Paint a Tesla

San Diego, California, content creator Aldryn Estacio of Flytpath, and photographer Spencer Pablo wanted to collaborate together on a fun project. And what would be more fun than using a light equipped drone to light paint a pair of great looking, matte black Teslas at night?

Estacio reached out to Lume Cube prior to the release of their Lume Cube mounts for the Mavic Pro and managed to get a hold of a couple of prototypes. With himself controlling the drone and Pablo manning the cameras, Estacio used light painting techniques to turn out a pretty cool composite frame made up of more than twenty images. For a more detailed account of their experiences on this shoot, and the final results, check out their post on FlytPath.

Since I unboxed my Mavic Pro Platinum I've been excited at the prospect of using it as a flying light source. I attempted to mount a Fenix HL60R on my MPP with less than spectacular results but now I'm convinced the Lume Cube and mount set up could work for me. Even if it is just to chase my cats around the house at night. While I'm on the subject of my MPP: After waiting for more than four months for the delivery (and still waiting for the batteries), the January 23rd announcement better not be for a Mavic Pro 2 release. Seriously DJI, don't you dare.

Have you find any unusual uses for your drone? Share them in the comments.

[via FlytPath]

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Mike Schrengohst's picture

I forgot all about Lume Cube! I was a Kickstarter funder in 2014. Since then I had moved and changed my e-mail.
I logged into Kickstarter and sure enough I had a 3 year old message waiting. Hopefully Lume Cube will honor the kickstarter after all these years.....I will keep you updated. - I liked your creative use of lighting!

Mike Schrengohst's picture

Lume Cube delivered!!!! They sent me the 5 light kit after I had completely forgotten about it!
These light are pretty cool....

John Pyle's picture

Nice work! . As a commercial drone pilot you have 30 minutes after sunset to fly as long as you have lights on the drone that can be seen 3 miles away. I passed the test today! Ha.

Ralph Hightower's picture

That has given me an idea. Mount lights on a drone to fly at night and see if it will cause UFO sighting reports.