Being a Successful Boudoir Photographer Starts With Client Experience

Client experience is one of the most important pieces of running a successful business. Kara Marie is known throughout the industry as a successful boudoir photographer, not only for her stellar imagery, but also for the experience she gives to each of her clients. Michael Sasser had the chance to interview Marie to find out just what it takes to provide this service to her clients. 

One of the main points Marie gives to run a successful boudoir business is knowing and understanding that what fits for one photographer will not be best for another. The key to running a boudoir business is looking into your own market and fitting the best products that work with your clientele, not what worked for a photographer four states over. Marie talks about how she evolved into her specialization and how it changed her course in her career. One of the biggest changes was the language in which she used to talk about how she shoots. She also provides client services before even meeting them by adding answers to the most asked questions on her websites. She can link prospective clients there to allow herself a bit more time off her schedule with this one link. The interview goes over everything from success to overcoming obstacles. If you are looking to recharge your boudoir photography business, this video interview is a must watch to kick off your 2019. 

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Not a boudoir photographer but this was very informative.