Eight Tips to Speed Up Your Editing

A few weeks ago in a boudoir forum I came across a subject on what was the most time-consuming portion of most photographers' flow. The majority of the comments referred to culling and editing. So if you are looking to speed up your own workflow with minimal editing this video is for you.

Michael Sasser of Sasser Stills created a quick tutorial of getting through your workflow with ease and a bit more speed. These tips do work off the assumption you are familiar with posing and flattering lighting, otherwise he does recommended some tips in the linked videos to get you to this point.

Once your images straight out of camera are working for you, a few adjustments and actions will speed up your culling and editing process. A free action at the end will even batch process your entire session so you can go make breakfast while Photoshop does the work for you.

Sasser states that this is about 80 to 90 percent that frequency retouching will do for your images. However, if you are not shooting for commercial work, this will be more than enough.

All images and video with permission and courtesy of Michael Sasser.

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Ian Goss's picture

“Sasser states that this is about 80 to 90 percent that frequency retouching will do for your images.”

Um, what does this mean in English?

Jennifer Tallerico's picture

Apologies for the confusion. Meaning that this method will only do about 80-90 percent of what FS is capable of. However if you are not shooting for commercial work than he feels it is more than enough to get the job done.

Ian Goss's picture

And Sasser’s linked website? Broken …

Jennifer Tallerico's picture

thank you! Fixed:)

With a hot model like that I want to edit the images as ssslowwwww as possible... BTW, I love broccoli!!