A Behind the Scenes Look and VFX Breakdown of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner, a new film by Fox and Dayday Films, is a new film in what seems to be a trending list of young adult dystopian movies to be released recently. In these behind the scenes featurettes we can see a small glimpse at how they filmed the movie and how the special effects were created. 

The movie was shot with the ARRI Alexa and RED Epic with Angenieux Optimo Lenses. The Maze Runner is also the first movie to be released on the new Xscape theaters. The new theaters will show movies in a cinerama (panoramic) format using three screens. The films that are not shot organically to fit the aspect ratios of the new theaters will stitch more to the film using special effects to fit the new screens. 

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I would agree there, though I don't do that kind of work. I'd imagine it's boring though.

Also, it seems like the actors would have a harder time as well. I mean, the costumes and make up, the set, all helps them get into character. It's hard to act with and react to things that will be composited later.

These efx look horrible! nothing looks real. just a glorified video game. It saddens me to see what has become of "film making" this is animation, and then bad animation to boot.

This is intense. Makes me want to do this kind of thing.

Past Friday I went to see this movie (not 3D), actually it wasn't bad. I did like it. In VFX youtube video it doesn't look as good as the final cut. I was more upset with The HOBBIT CG then this movie LOL.

And I agree with some comments here, acting and real movie shooting is gone. Blue/green screens are used in like 90% times. Which means that every time they need a burning car, or a broken door, or a simple fog/smoke - they don't even bother - CG solves it all. Which means that cost to make a movie should go down - movie tickets too. But NAH! That is why i really like 80-90s movies - most of the stuff they had to build and if the car gotta be on fire - it's gonna be actual car on fire - which makes it look so real, and actors actually had to act. Doesn't matter how how realistic CG is - our brains can't be fooled.