Behind-the-Scenes Look at Photographing the Emmy Award Show

The Emmys are one of the largest award ceremonies in the world and the logistics behind its production and broadcast are vast. USA Today has put together a wonderful video showing us what goes into photographing at the Emmys. This is a great behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to shoot with such an exclusive and fast paced event.

Today are the Emmys and as the show counts down the moments to air there is a lot of preparation that has gone into today's event. Photographers are just a handful of the staff present to cover the event. USA Today has released a video of two of their staff photographers, Dan MacMeden and Robert Hanashiro, as they document their presentation for the event.

Watch as both photographers discuss their thought process, positioning, and approach to covering this top event.

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Peter House is a commercial fashion photographer from Toronto, Canada. He shoots over 10,000 pieces of clothing every year for a variety of lookbooks. Clients range from small local boutiques to international brands such as Target, Winners, and Sears. In addition to that Peter runs one of the most popular rental studio's in the Toronto area.

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This is one genre/field of photography where most of the time, people (and other photographers) overlook a job of an events photographer.

I myself is a full time event photographer for a huge publication here in Dubai. I just hate it when the fashion and studio photographers in our office thinks that what i'm doing is menial because their work goes to covers and full spread while mine mostly ends up in the last few pages as thumbnails or on our online portal.

It is actually tough to get a shot of those "menial" photos. Especially in dark halls where your only ambient light are from stage lights and decorations. Blending the right settings in a fast paced environment and where every moment is important is something Events photographer like me always have to face with.
And it's not just your photoraphy skills will be enough, there is that you need to be good with communication and socializing with people, having the right attitude with fellow photographers, the muscle to push people to get the shot, process hundreds and hundreds of photos, and be ridiculously given a unrealistic deadline/submission time.

Well said. I have to say, event photographers do not nearly get the credit they deserve. I feel like in a way they are the unsung hero's of the media world. There is a lot of pressure and stress, yet little of the glory the studio guys get.

I am amazed at what event photographers like you do.

Recently been asked if I wanted to cover red carpet events. Found it difficult to find examples of their working day - may be worth you featuring a video of the red carpet shot itself. [FSTOPPERS]

What I could find seemed like very hard and shouty work - so gave it a miss.

5000 frames! WOW!