BTS of Joey L's Incredible Fashion Shoot in Africa at an Active Volcano

Some behind the scenes videos of shoots you just have to stop what you're doing, and watch.

You may have noticed, I will often share Joey L's work. He doesn't ask me to, he doesn't even send me the videos to let me know they're live, I do it of my own volition. Why? Because there are few photographers who push themselves quite like Joey does and as a result, pretty much every photographer can learn something from how he works.

In this BTS video, Joey and his crew trek through one of the hottest places on the planet — the Danakil Desert of Northern Ethiopia — for days on end to get to an active volcano. Once there he shoots 3 models for ZAAF, a premium African fashion brand, in some beyond testing conditions.

The results are incredible and well worth the titanic effort and significant risk that has gone in to making the final images. If you think you've been under pressure to deliver on a testing shoot, this video might make you think otherwise!

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LA M's picture

Like his work in general...the photojournalism imagery...these...not so much. Something feels a little off. They are technically/artistically good. They just don't really have an african american.

David Leøng's picture

I "have to" stop what I'm doing and watch???

Simon Patterson's picture

Not quite, but you did "have to" stop what you're doing and comment. 😀

David Leøng's picture

Wow. My mind is blown. I never thought about it that way.

Richard Mills's picture

This is my first introduction to his work, really liked the video and would love to see more like it from him

Chad Andreo's picture

You should check out his blog.

Richard Mills's picture

I will, thank you!

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Holy moly! Great images! His blog is worth a look.

David Wild's picture

oh wow those are gorgeous!!

Erpillar Bendy's picture

He's a great photographer, but this sounds dangerous. I'm gonna put this in the same category as engagement photos on active train tracks.