BTS of John Wick 3: Bike Fight Scene

Every well-known movie has specific scenes it is famous for. This is the case with the bike fight scene in John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, where we take a glimpse behind the scenes to see how the production team made that action choreography.

In every movie starring celebrities dangerous scenes have always been a subject of caution. Sometimes stunt doubles are used, other times other types of trickery is involved such as filming on a chroma screen, or keeping the actors safe by various grip means. When car and bike chases are involved often they film the vehicle standing still on a platform which is pulled or pushed by another vehicle, like a truck. If they don't show the wheels, they are perfectly fine. In the case of John Wick 3 we have a fusion between green screen and locked vehicles on moving platforms together with the camera operator dancing with the actors in perfect choreography.

One case for a fake-looking VFX shot is the lighting. Often we see night car-driving scenes filmed on a green or a blue screen and the light on the faces of the actors is not changing despite the changing environment around them. The DP of John Wick 3 didn't make such a mistake, but they simulated tunnel lighting, which together with the brilliant work of the CG artists, made the scene exciting and believable. You can watch the final result below.

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Knew the stunt had to a green screen shoot. Thank for the video.


It's been edited and composited so can't be a real film. Even though I can see it, NOT REAL. Photoshopped! Now back to taking more in camera only perfect pics.

You can see they both used compositing + real footage (of Keanu on the bike at that bridge, not a stunt double) and mixed it together. They did a great job. Try to do that in camera. Do you think they did it, because they didn't know how to make perfect in-camera imagery?

Hmmm so why do people come out in hordes when photos are edited or composited? Art is art.

Using green screen on that specific scene actually makes sense production wise. At that kind of pace, you wouldn't notice that they're composited. Plus the fact that the talents and crew are safe, minimizes error and retakes, gives the production total freedom on how to shoot a motorbike fight scene.


Just like my ride to work this morning.

Actually one thing that doesn't gel is if you lean off the side & twist your body on a bike, you also push the handlebars, and that makes you veer off course. Anyway, amazing stuff.

For anyone who's ridden before, it's really fake looking. You don't do things like that and still keep perfectly straight.

I can't say anything against experience :)

One of the worst movie I've seen in the last 10 years: only effects (really good) and shots (a lot).....

Did you like the first two movies? If so, then maybe this movie actually sucks. Otherwise this type of movie may not be your kind of movie. Taste is subjective obviously....

I liked the first more if I remember well.
I like action films, but I like when there is a story, not only action
I prefer to watch Jovovich in Resident Evil than Reeves in Shoot 'Em All… :D

Ok, then I see that we both probably have the same taste in movies....
I will probably wait till Netflix to watch this one then!

eh it looks very green screenish, I saw the first John Wick and thought it was great, im sure this one is good as well. Since Keanu owns a motorcycle company and is probably very skilled at riding it would have been cool to see a real choreographed scene. I suppose motorcycle stunts on the street are probably particularly dangerous so thats something to consider.

Mad Max fury road used little to no special effects to do its stunts, and it looks incredible. There is a quality from doing things for real that green screen cant yet replicate.

Obviously such stunts are close to impossible to create with moving bikes. The scenes where there's no fight, Keanu is actually riding for real.

On Mad Max they used green screen where actors were fighting on top of vehicles for the very same reason they did here.

Yes of course you can't do that on a motorcycle for real, and thats kind of my point. I think its a lot more impressive when you show what people actually CAN do in a motorcycle chase/fight scene. It just looks cooler to me when its for real and the actors/stuntmen are pushing the limits of whats possible. Thats why I thought mad max was so impressive.

This video shows the extent of real stunts done in mad max. A majority of the stunts done for this movie appear to not use green screen. That said there were some special effects added in post, but they were used judiciously.

Yes, I've watched that BTS some time ago and that's why I only pointed out the close-ups of the fights. Otherwise, the real stunts are stunning.

This one looks great indeed. If that's the original inspiration for John Wick's scene, it seems pretty much copied.

Copied badly, I might add.
It's funny how The Villainess was inspired by The Matrix: Reloaded, and now John Wick copied The Villainess.