BTS Videos Of Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portraits

Last week Lee Morris posted a few behind the scenes images of Annie Leibovitz's latest Disney Campaign featuring Russell Brand as the villainous Captain Hook and funnymen Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as the hitchhiking ghosts from 'The Haunted Mansion' ride.  Here are two behind the scenes videos of each photoshoot respectively. 

The two shoots will be included as inserts in the fall issues of Vouge, GQ,  O – The Oprah Magazine, People, and Vanity Fair among others to promote

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to bad it has nothing to do with the "photography".
is disney doing advertising through fstoppers for this movie?

These videos are meant for the general public, but if you look
carefully, you can get an idea of what equipment she uses, the lights,
where they are placed, and so on.

Did you notice she had a bank of three lights (with softboxes) close
together at slightly different angles (these would have been used
together to overpower the sun, and/or to have one on each actor), and
another on the opposite side on a boom, for the haunted house shoot?
That she just used one light on Brand/Hook with a reflector?

Of even as a reminder of the effort with preparation (make-up, etc.) that goes into such a shoot.

Granted, they are quick views, but they do have value to us if you look -
it's surprising what info you can glean that can help you with ideas
for your own shoots.

Love Annie's consistent simplicity in her lighting, no matter how complex the production. Russell Brand's video was more telling: Two large octoboxes (she often goes that route or the softlighter held by an assistant) one slightly in back of the other for a massive, soft wrap around the subject, and a large fill card on the opposite side. It's very encouraging to see the results of such simple approaches so as not to get too elaborate for the sake of ego instead of results, on our own projects.

yea, videos of photo shoots have nothing to do with photography ;) Stop expecting to be spoonfed and read between the lines.