Conducting a Portrait Shoot for Billboard Magazine During COVID-19

Shooting for Billboard Magazine would undoubtedly prove exciting for any photographer, but especially so if it was your first assignment since the global lockdown began. This is the story of how one photographer completed a portrait shoot for the renowned publication, taken in the back garden of the subject’s home.

Celebrity portrait photographer Daniel Kennedy was given the assignment to photograph music executive Denzyl Feigelson at his home in Cotswolds, UK. Although virtual FaceTime shoots are gaining momentum around the world, this was Kennedy’s first in-person shoot in two months.

Throughout the shoot, Kennedy says they kept their distance, opted to shoot outside, and stuck by current government guidelines. Recalling the process, he said:

It was strange. It was a strange experience. He couldn’t hear me very well through the mask, so I kept lifting the mask to be able to communicate, and the gloves weren’t operating the touchscreen very well […] It was a bit odd, but other than that, I think it was okay. We did three different setups.

In the end, the publication picked three shots to run with. In the behind-the-scenes video, Kennedy talks through the process of how exactly he went about conducting the shoot.

See more of Kennedy’s work at his website or on Instagram. He also runs an educational website, which provides insight into how he runs his business.

You can see the full article over at Billboard's website.

All images courtesy Daniel Kennedy, and used with permission.

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