Crafting a Scene With Reflectors

With reflectors being among the most basic of lighting tools in a photographer's arsenal you would think more people would understand how to use them properly. Sadly that doesn't seem to be the case. Rest easy though, Jay P. Morgan is on the case and comes at us again with a very solid explanation of how he set up precise light with nothing but reflectors. Well...and an insane amount of bubbles (which, by the way are not reflectors). More often than not I think photographers let themselves be governed too much by the characteristics of the sun.

It doesn't need to be a perfectly cloudy day to produce a beautifully lit image. Yes, reflectors take more maintenance during a shoot due to the shifting nature of sunlight but as Jay demonstrates, it can be done fairly easily. You'll need some extra hands or some solid reflector stands but this is a skill every photographer needs to master. In this author's opinion, if you can bend sunlight to your will, there isn't a strobe on Earth that you won't be able to use with ease.

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This post was... illuminating.

never seen so much advertising in a tutorial video, anyway great use of reflectors.

Do you really need to complain about free content?

I'm not complaining, i wouldn't dream of it :)
just a spontaneous consideration after the vision.

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What John said. Fstoppers is not a site for professionals. They already have this info down. It's a site for hobbyists and aspiring pros, so when a pro posts useful tutorials for free, just be grateful, pay attention, and learn as much as you can. It used to cost thousands of dollars in schooling, books, and seminars, and years. Feel lucky that you have free access to this stuff at the click of a keyboard button. Phillip

definitely! :)