Everything There Is to Know about Long-Exposure Photography

When learning a new photographic technique, it typically takes quite a bit of practice time before you achieve pleasing results. With long-exposure photography, that learning time is extended because every frame can take minutes to complete. In this video from B&H, photographer Deborah Sandidge does an excellent job of accelerating the learning process thanks to in-depth explanations of strategy and set-up behind each photo presented.

In an hour and twenty minutes of well-spent time for those looking to get serious about long-exposure photography, Deborah covers an expansive set of topics. She goes over shooting at twilight, shooting in low light, how to get starburst effects by stopping down your aperture, using variable neutral density filters, using 10-stop ND filters, photographing star trails, black and white conversions, creative post processing methods, time-lapse… To be honest it reminds me of this popular bit by comedian Aziz Ansari, where if you didn’t know much about long-exposure photography– you’re now going to know everything about long-exposure photography.

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Wouter Oudemans's picture

Thanks a lot for this video. Gives a lot more insight. I bought some cheap plastic nd filters because my budget doesn't cover the proper glass ones. The downside is some annoying color distortion. I get a flat red/ orange look over it. And it affect the sharpness. I will try to adjust my white balance to compensate that. Thanks for the tips!!

Shayne Thomas's picture

We've all been there dude :) Have you looked on eBay for some second hand ones? sometimes you can find killer deals (and just hope the condition is great). Or rent? :P Try it out see if you'd eventually invest in it in the future..

Wouter Oudemans's picture

Thanks for you comment Shayne. I will try t save some money so I can finally invest in some proper investment.

Shayne Thomas's picture

Great video! shame, she sounded a bit nervous in the beginning but glad to see she built her confidence throughout... Very interesting information here - even if im not a landscape photographer per se...:)

Chris Malley's picture

Thank you! It's given me some motivation and knowledge so I attempt to get some killer holiday photographs.