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How This Incredible Advert Was Shot Using a DIY Orbiting Camera Rig

Sometimes you need to ensure that you set your shots apart from the norm, which is easier said than done. Well, this is one example that really achieved what it set out to do!

When you are briefed for a photography job, there's occasionally a requirement for you to set yourself apart. I say "occasional" because there's often not the budget or the brand inclination to go that extra mile, and they have strict parameters for what ought to be achieved. However, from time to time, a brand will give you a more open scope for shooting the subject, and sometimes they will ask for something special. These are the shoots we photographers live for, but they are challenging.

In this video by studio, Threefold, they set about creating an advert for a planner. After deciding that the usual, top-down flat lay image wasn't going to have the impact they wanted, they build a makeshift orbital rig to mimic the look of a page being turned in the planner. Perhaps I've seen this effect before, but even if I have, this is one of the most impressive versions of it. They say they were hoping to set the video apart from the usual flat lay ads, and on that charge, they most certainly succeeded.

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Robert K Baggs is a professional portrait and commercial photographer, educator, and consultant from England. Robert has a First-Class degree in Philosophy and a Master's by Research. In 2015 Robert's work on plagiarism in photography was published as part of several universities' photography degree syllabuses.

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Link in the article takes you to their channel.
Here is the link to their video, pretty clever setup.