How to Light a Product Shot With One Light

Product photography can be one of the most technically challenging genres to undertake, but that doesn't mean you need every piece of gear you can think of to pull it off. In this video I demonstrate how to light a product shot with one light and a few inexpensive modifiers.

During the video I will tear down the lighting setup and go over the purpose and placement of each component as I build the photo. You'll learn how to manage reflections on a glossy surface through light placement and also through the use of a polarizing filter. The light being used for this shot is a large stripbox, being diffused a second time by an even larger scrim. You’ll see how to cut out and hide a small reflector behind the bottle to really make it pop. Lastly I'll use an improvised reflector as a fill light, creating a subtle highlight on the front of the product. The techniques shown can be applied to almost any product photo. While it may be nice to have an arsenal of gear at your disposal, the important thing is patience and experimentation. Give it a try and you might be surprised by your own ingenuity.

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Arun Hegden's picture

Good article. :)

Arun Hegden's picture

Good article..:)
Even i managed to do something similar, but with more DIY stuff.

Spy Black's picture

Good stuff.

I don't know what I liked more -- the straightforward can-do approach to making this work without a bunch of complexity (HVAC reflectors, et. al.), or.the wonderfully crisp and to-the-point approach to the video. Very well done on both fronts!

Brandon Adam's picture

Thank you, Paul! I really appreciate that!