How to Shoot a Short Film

Have you ever wanted to shoot a short film? I've had ideas, which in my opinion, were great ideas, but it's not often that I grab a pencil and paper to start developing a storyboard, until this video. 

The concept was to make the creator think about how we will travel in the future. It's an interesting concept. My idea and story would've been different, but James Matthew's idea and execution are superb. That's the whole point of being creative. We all have our own ideas, but we each have the power to inspire others with our own interpretations and how we see things.

What I appreciate about this video is his breakdown of how he did it. The advice of creating a space that transports the viewer into another world by using planned composition and framing while using all the resources you have at your disposal is one I'll keep with me for the forseeable future. The sound design is also well done and engulfs the viewer from the start of the film.

Slowing things down and choosing not to use a gimbal translated well into creating naturally formed tension. Shooting a narrative seems hard, but this was basically shot with him and his cousin and the person shooting the BTS footage. It's possible for each and every one of us. 

Another aspect I think is of value to us is that brands are now looking at creatives for inspiration. They're making it a viable option to go out and shoot with an opportunity of actually making some money by doing so. I think many more brands could think of interesting ways to harness creative thought and paying creators for their ideas in some way. 

This was the short film:

Have you shot a short film? Have you ever thought of doing so but never did? Share your videos in the comments. 

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Felix C's picture

1) Yes, we all shoot short films in film school.
2) This video came out a long time ago.