IKEA Releases 100 Cats Into a Store and the Result is Beautiful

When I ran across this earlier today I assumed that it was going to be some sort of hilarious disaster. A herd of cats running around a furniture store completely unchecked? Bring on the mayhem! Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be as beautiful and heartwarming as the final commercial is. There is a behind the scenes video after the jump where they talk a bit about "the plan" which was really "hey why don't we just try this and see what happens?"  Yet with no real plan to speak of (at least none they convey in the BTS video) the audience is left with a feeling of peace. Peace that not only will they love a home furnished with IKEA products, but so will the furriest members of the family. To me that's the really amazing part of this ad. You have 100 untrained cats running around and the film crew managed to capture amazing moments and bring them all together like this.

Here's a peek behind the scenes:


Via Gizmodo

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Great idea and well done.
Bonus points for cute kitties :]


How long did it take to corral them all after the shot ?

IKEA should have called the cat herders from EDS:

Probably not very long. Cats are usually easy to catch, its just impossible to put them into cat size carriers because they magically expand to 1000x their normal size.

If they were using boxes, not long at all.

And they magically add extra legs

...and claws.

Use one of Ikea's can openers, the electric type, and a few cans of tuna will get many, if not all, to come at same time and place. lol

I spent an entire evening shooting the empty IKEA store in Ottawa Canada just before the big opening...It was amazing to see the pristine store empty and perfectly quiet...Love this ad. http://www.couvrette-photography.on.ca

Btw...to answer a couple of queries...I did not shoot the video for this ad. There are, however some shots on my commercial site showing the opening under the event section...cheers.

I've always thought it would be hilarious to release a ton of goats into a WalMart store.

You didn't go to Black Friday at Walmart? :P oh wait.. that was sheep



And here I thought they were lemmings . . .

Black friday shoppers remind me more of bulls. ...Or zombies.



I was threatening to do the same with pigs two weeks ago.

Isn't this something they did a few years back?

check the dates on the videos

Elliott Montello's picture

This is a few years old now. They shot this advert on a RED One MX, two pimped 7Ds and one 35mm camera and one thermal imaging camera. The D.O.P on this shoot was a friend of mine called Rich Stewart. Very cool concept, thanks for sharing I haven't seen this in a while :)

thermal imaging? o.O

Maybe so that they could find the cats under the furniture after the shoot?

...and then the ad agency uploaded it in 480p. Hilarious. I would fire them.

Your friend rocked it. Love this

excuse me - why is there cat pee on my new couch i just bought?

Reynardt Badenhorst's picture

What they don't show, is all the cat pee, torn curtains, hair on the furniture and disgusting hairballs on the sofa's. Somebody mentioned goats up here, would have been way more entertaining. Cats, grrr, gives me chills down my spine, and my sinus canals.

Didn't you watch the "making of" video? They cleaned the store afterwards.

No matter. You dont bring home the furniture from the top floor anyhow. You go down and get it from the warehouse.

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