Joe McNally on Creating Lighting That Matches the Character of Your Location

Joe McNally does it again with a great video on making sure you're lighting for your overall scene. He breaks down the editorial by first discussing the message he wants to communicate, and then goes on to explain the whys and hows for lighting to achieve that vision. McNally is a great teacher and is able to convey these ideas in a way that even those new to strobes and balancing can still learn from what he has to say.

I love the fact that he specifically addresses how crucial the choice of modifiers is to this shot. The point he brings up about not letting the shot go too "Hollywood" is a great one. It's easy to get so caught up in the process of lighting, or even just wanting to use a new toy that we can inadvertently destroy what would have otherwise been a very successful image.

Think about that on your next shoot. Is your lighting supporting or undermining the message of your image?

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You can see the affect dragging the shutter has on the subjects moving hands.

Joe McNally has to be the worst whiteboarder I've ever seen. Good grief. Why even bother?

God Yeh ! Big fan of the Mac. But these " Adorama TV " series really suck man.. Keep with the BTS video tutorials Joe. It's like taking a sleeping tablet.. Sorry Mac Man, Im sure it's not your idea mate..:)