How To Create an Indoor Rain Photoshoot

I've always found that photos that capture and freeze rain to be exceedingly interesting. Rain gives the photo depth and a moodier feel, but usually you have to wait for a storm to blow through your area, or invest in a rain machine. No longer. Benjamin Von Wong has figured out a way to create those wonderfully drenched and moody shots without even stepping outdoors.


Ben's solution to his little black raincloud dilemma was conceptually easy. A few super soakers (water-guns) and  a Lensbaby Composer Pro Kit. I say conceptually because it may sound easy, but a lot of thought went into the final images. Including how to light the water to where it stood out against the background and what lens to use with the Lensbaby.


"I’ve always wanted to create a rain machine, but never quite got around to making a proper rain rig out of pure impracticality. I don’t have a studio space and most (*cough* all) fancy places up for rent aren’t a huge fan of getting their space flooded with water…. which mean that even if I had come up with the motivation of creating a rain rig, I wouldn’t have a proper place to deploy it.

Enter the idea to use water-guns to create rain. They were light, portable, easy to clean up and easy to find. People weren’t terrified about the idea of having a water-gun used in studio and it wouldn’t require any special setup. All I needed was a surface for the water to bounce off of and lo and behold, I’d have rain! (or something close enough.)"- Benjamin Von Wong


If you want to learn more about how he created these shots including the last amazing shot below then head on over to his blog posts where he goes into detail about the lenses that he used, lighting setups and even some amazing tips if you plan on trying to re-create this type of shoot.


Benjamin Von Wong Blog: "Getting Creative with a Lensbaby and Water guns to Make it Rain Indoors". 

Benjamin Von Wong's Facebook page


  • Renaud Lafrenière for the water guns
  • Assist: Anick Morel, Renaud Lafrenière, Kaleena Jay, Anthony Phung, Nancy Patry, Julius Adarna
  • Model: Nancy Patry, Ian Chang
  • Video: Claudel Désir from Headbox Media
  • Poster design: Emiliano Jabiu
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Dan Lubbers's picture

Von Wong always has very interesting, informative and fun videos. Really dig them...

Von Wong's picture

Thanks Dan :) 

Marc Ilford's picture

 Yep, Von Wong has this remarkable talent to post new and innovative posts, on an almost weekly basis. Always a good read with a fresh approach on photography.

Tracy Nanthavongsa's picture

I'm in awe... and miring

Henry Fan's picture

cute guy

Seagram Pearce's picture

That last shot they did in studio with the rim lighting... thats some strong stuff. And all it took was some water. I'm pretty curious about how much of a difference in "feel" the lens baby gave over a normal lens for the exact same shots. Never worked with a LB before.

John_Skinner's picture

I'm liking Benjamin's stuff more and more every time I see these BTS stuff. This guy has some personality and wit.. I want to watch these.

He states he's coming to Ann Arbor MI soon, I just may fight the border guys. hop over and take this 3 day deal.

London Ontario...Windsor Ontario... Anywhere in Southwestern Ontario.. You may want to feel the water down here for possible souls to jump on the B V W bandwagon.

Really like your work Ben. Please keep up the great and entertaining clips

Von Wong's picture

Hey John, thanks for the compliments :) 

I'll start advertising for it closer to the date and let u know if anyone does come up!! =]