Learn How This Golden Hour Portrait Was Shot and Edited

Golden hour is a fantastic time to shoot portraits, using the interplay between the warm and dramatic light and your subject to create visually compelling images. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how this golden hour portrait was lit, shot, and edited so you can try the same ideas and techniques yourself. 

Coming to you from FJH Photography, this excellent video tutorial will show you how he lit, shot, and edited a golden hour portrait. Golden hour portraits are highly popular and a classic, elegant look that is always in style, so it is well worth learning how to shoot them. Often, you will want to place the sun behind your subject to capture the dramatic sky as part of the frame, but this will cause you to underexpose your subject as you adjust the exposure to protect the highlights in the sky. You can solve this issue by adding a strobe to balance the exposure on your subject. Even if you do not end up using this look much in your own work, practicing balancing flash and ambient light is a fantastic skill that will benefit you in a wide variety of scenarios. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Deleted Account's picture

This video was really informative. I love watching Francisco’s videos he always breaks everything down so simply. Great video!

Jamaal White's picture

This was my comment not sure why it says deleted account 🤷🏽‍♂️ @mall223

Demian Tejeda's picture

All of his videos are awesome. Learned to do a lot of my lighting and editing from fjhphoto.

Christopher Edwards's picture

You are an inspiration and motivator who not only shows success but also the failures and how to correct them. I’ve watched all your “Building The Shot” videos and you have helped me to approach flash photography with confidence. Recently got my diffuser and did an indoor shoot using steps I learned from another great person like yourself and now I’m all ready to go outside and build my own shots with your help! Thanks and keep it up oh and congratulations man!!!

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Francisco’s BTS is always something that I look forward to seeing on Instagram. His portraits are so eye catching!

Dave Cyphert's picture

Francisco’s talents are off the charts mad good!
Not one BTS I’ve seen that I haven’t learned something from. Much appreciated by @propointmedia