Master Filmmaking With These Crane Movements

Cranes are quickly becoming a staple in the bags of many videographers and for good reason. It has a smaller footprint, lower cost of entry, and has a relatively low learning curve than most gimbals on the market. Even though most users can pick up and go without ever opening the manual. There are still fundamental crane movements that you need to learn to take a good scene and make it a great scene.

Veteran Filmmaker Brandon Li is an expert in utilizing proper gimbal movement in his videos. He uses them to add new and exciting elements to his scenes. That’s why when I saw he released his latest video on the basic movements he uses with his Zhiyun Crane v2, I knew it was something I had to share with the community. He gives his insight on seven different variations of following a subject with the crane. Along with that he goes further into the settings and modes that has helped him along the way. Anytime you get a window into a creative's workflow you will be sure to learn at least one thing to help you going forward.

While nothing will ever replace the countless hours we put in to our craft and learning our gear, if you use this video to establish a solid foundation on gimbal movements it’s going to help any videographer regardless of skill level.

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Pat Heine's picture

I think the headline needs to clarify that "Crane" is a specific model of gimbal. Actual camera cranes are not smaller or cheaper, and those moves are very different from what can be achieved with a gimbal.

Otherwise a good concise article and video !

Jay Jay's picture

I agree with Pat, the title is misleading as this is about a model of gimbal. I could understand if a foreign writer used the wording unintentionally, not knowing American photog/videographers would get it confused with the kind used for film work, but i think Charleston, SC is still a part of the U.S. if i'm not mistaken. ;)

(Btw, me personally, but i'd change the title to "gimbal movements", because it sounds like a click-baity ad if you name that one specific manufacturer, even if it's featured in the video. :)

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

Yeah I didn't want to put the name of the brand in the title to avoid the click bait "ness". Apologizes for the confusion.

Jay Jay's picture

Not a problem :) I did some research and that seems to be the most liked gimbal for the Fuji XT2, which is a camera i own. The cost of the Crane is unfortunately out of my price range. Tempting, but i have my eye on the DJI for iPhone gimbal for now.

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

I have a Sony A7rII and I absolutely think it's worth every penny. Very easy to balance and learning it was fairly easy.