Photographer Danny Wilcox Frazier Documents Struggling Rural Life in New Adobe Documentary

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Adobe just released a delightful mini-documentary showcasing the work of award-winning Photojournalist Danny Wilcox Frazier. Frazier’s work is centralized on struggling rural communities and the families and stories within. He’s able to capture both the struggles of day-to-day life of underprivileged families while still documenting the successes of perseverance.

In the documentary, viewers are able to see Frazier’s process as he gets to know his subjects and makes them comfortable with his camera. He stresses the importance of spending time and investing in your photography subjects. He also notes that everyone wants to tell their story and feel like they matter. For his newest book, Frazier is focusing on the rural plains of the U.S., highlighting all that the towns have offered over the years, and now how the small communities are slowly dying out. He’s able to capture rural life in a very organic and intimate way, stepping into the lives of his subjects and experiencing their stories with them.

Frazier says that he has a desire to be close to his subjects and his camera gives him a license to step into a subject’s life and document them, over his own insecurities as a person.

Check out the video for some great inspiration and to experience Frazier’s process and hear what drives his passion for photography.

[via Adobe Creative Cloud]

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Ben Whitmore's picture

Can't tell you how refreshing a clip like this is in a sea of Youtube photographer review videos. Really illustrates that the camera is secondary to your ability to get amongst it.

user-156818's picture

It's sad how few people have commented on this. The clip and his work were so powerful that i've remembered it after these past few months. His work will stick with me for a long time because it's that powerful.

Rex Larsen's picture

Thanks, Danette, what an extraordinary feature on Fstoppers. Great moments, no retouching. Imagine that. Frazier puts his subjects at ease and they reveal their lives to him, and us. I am so tired of heavily retouched contrived images. Fstoppers has an opportunity here to evolve and set a high standard. Please, more features like this and fewer stories about giant fake moon composites and retouched pictures of women in their underwear. Thanks again, Danette.