Real-World Test to See If the Sony a7R III Is the Best in the World

Back at it again, the charmingly abrasive but always informative Jaren Polin (or as most of us know him, Froknowsphoto) released a new real-world review on Sony’s newly released a7R III. Love him or hate him, Polin always puts out the some of the most in-depth camera reviews in the photography YouTube space, and this video is no exception.

In the review, Polin took us along for a day of shooting portrait, sunset, aerial, and action shots in Sedona, Arizona, with Sony, and to say the least, he wasn’t disappointed. He went through the intricacies of the new features added to the a7R III and showed how they came into play in real shooting scenarios.

Polin also went on to test the new video features, which I feel are going to be the biggest selling point of the new Sony flagship, especially since it shoots full frame at 120 frames per second in 1080. After his big day of shooting, he takes us back to the studio and goes over the raw files of the day, comparing them against those of his daily workhorse the Nikon D850.

I’ll leave his personal opinion on which is better for you to find out for yourself, but I personally feel that the a7R III has officially put Sony on the map with the big boys, especially considering the newly added holy trinity of lenses and Sony Pro Support. At this point, it can’t be denied that Sony can hold its own to any ecosystem on the market and will continue to cause waves in the digital imaging space. Will you be switching?

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Chris Ramsey Jr. is a Denver, CO based outdoor lifestyle and adventure photographer/videographer. He is constantly pushing himself physically, mentally, and creativity to further his freelance work.

When he's not behind his computer you can find him in the mountains enjoying the great outdoors.

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Not the Best in the World, but clearly what should have been a A7 camera since the beginning... starting with a battery that we can use.

I agree with the battery opinion, theres no way you should expect to stand with the big boys with the battery life on the first 2 generations of the A7 line.

I'm still not convinced that Sony's ecosystem can compete with Nikon or Canon for a professional photographer. No doubt they make cameras that rich amateurs and pixel peepers can drool over.

Nikon pro shooter... If I need service I get 24hr turn around services.. If I had a problem with anything from Sony it'll take weeks for assistance.

Just FYI, there is now a 'Sony Imaging Pro Support' package... fortunately I've not had to use it yet so can't say how good it is, but it does exist, and offers loan equipment during repairs etc.

For me it's the best ecosystem for the professional work I shoot, I converted from Canon a while back now. I can appreciate that for other pros in different genres it may not be.


Jon I happen to reside less than an hours drive to Nikon Canada. No way Sony has any service available thats more convenient for me.

Then Canon can't be very good either by your standards. Most shooters will be shipping their gear for fixes and the point is that Sony offers professional support which you said it doesn't

I agree with Michael on this one, there is no reason you should put down a company strictly based on the fact that you can't drive to their support facilities.

i'm a semi-pro shooter and i've had to use sony's pro imaging support twice, both times i had my camera back within 3 days. They could have overnighted me a loaner camera in 24 hours, and offered to do so, but i didnt need it. Their service is good.

I've heard numerous positive experiences like this within my circle of photographers.

I've used Sony pro services for a repair and evaluation loans. Loaners are sent overnight via lens rentals. For repairs, they overnight a shipping box to you with an overnight label. And when the repair is done its overnighted back. My repair was back in my hands in 3 days.

There are already pros using Sony's cameras. For many they're just another tool in the toolbox.

I don't get all of the brand loyalty within the photo community. Yeah it's fun to tease each other here and there but sometimes people get very serious in their defense of whatever brand they shoot being top dog.

We forget that they (camera brands) are here to make a profit not be our best friends.

People who get very serious about this stuff are normally pretty bad photographers; spending too much time arguing and nitpicking tech specs and not taking photos.

I for one expect to be best friends with all my faceless conglomerates, however!

@Mike Richardson Only three comments and all three are bashing Sony. You sound like a troll.

Tony had a pretty good comparison video recently. Nikon vs Canon vs Sony.

I didn't mind it but it was just a general review of all brands.

Thank you for sharing this.
Amazing review. :)