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Stunning Underwater Art With Projections

Stunning Underwater Art With Projections

Taking risks is the joy in what creative minds live for. Creating something different and unique keeps the photographer from feeling as if this is just another job. When I came across an underwater portrait photographer's recent work it made me stop for a moment, which is extremely rare these days.

I have brought Joe Hoddinott's work to Fstoppers with his moving article about his underwater projects in the past. It was a story of his girlfriend Jess battling cancer, bringing the two of them together to create compelling imagery that helped her through her most darkest times. The pair moved us with the journey and images, bringing us into their lives. 

Since then, Jess has beat the cancer and the two are back at it with bold vibrant images that feed the creative minds. He posted his images in a group forum for underwater photographers this past week as he was trying something new. Many folks went back and forth wondering if it was body paint or projections. I found it fascinating to see each image change as she moved, having the colors redirect across her body. 

"I wanted to make something different than my previous work for my third annual 'Hold Your Breath' show in October," Hoddinott wrote. "I [used] images at [the] October show to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research." He explained that since Jess is a survivor, the projection stemmed from a natural escalation of his work. He wanted to try something different and incorporate his illustration work.

Using a small inexpensive digital projector on the deck, he was able to project the images onto her skin below the surface. He explained it is difficult to work the modeling lamp around the projections. The image were shot with a shutter of 1/100 s, f/2.0, and ISO 4,000. He used a Nikon D750 and Sigma 35mm Art in Ewa Marine housing.

Getting creative does not have to be costly, but it does require the artist to let go and think all around the box, inside and out.

All images with permission and courtesy of Joe Hoddinott.

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JT is known throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to Fine Art Photography. Her underwater work as JT Aqua is ethereal based and conceptual. She is an educator, writer and currently teaching workshops for underwater and boudoir.

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"Getting creative [...], but it does require the artist to let go and think all around the box, inside and out." --> and that's simultaneously hardest and the most important part !
Absolutely beautiful photos btw.