Watch a Full Editing Project From Start to Finish With Commentary

Whether you are a full-time video editor or just occasionally edit some of your own projects like me, you have probably found yourself on Youtube at some point trying to learn. Tutorials are an amazing tool at our disposal and we share and create some great tutorials here on Fstoppers all the time. However, sometimes I just want to see how someone does what they do from start to finish. That's where Taran Van Hemert comes in with his newest editing video. It's not a tutorial at all. It is 4 hours and 20 minutes of a standard video editing job for the Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips from start to finish. 

The best part of this video is Hemert includes everything you could possibly want to make the video as instructive and informative as you want. Now again this video is not a tutorial but a complete walkthrough with commentary from a full-time video editor for one of the largest Tech channels on Youtube. 

I sat down this weekend with some snacks and just watched it all straight through. I even made notes of the parts I wanted to revisit again later in more depth. Here is a short list of what Hemert provides in this video. 

  • The entire video comes with a complete commentary on every step and thing Hemert does
  • All keystrokes are displayed in the lower left corner for clarity
  • A chapter by chapter breakdown of the entire 4 hour video so you can skip to the section you want. 
  • All the gear and tools that make up his video editing desk space
  • All the software he uses to create a custom workspace and hotkeys.
  • A behind the scenes look at the process that goes into scheduling and organizing a Linus Tech Tips video
  • The start to finish editing process of an actual editing job for Hemert 

I picked up so many tips watching this video of things I would have never thought to even fix my workflow. The depth and amount of information provided is a lot for an occasional user like myself an I'm sure I will be watching parts of it again when I start my next video project. Watching this video was a unique look at video editing for me and I hope it can offer some insight or tips and tricks to improve your work too. 

[via Taran Van Hemert]

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