Apple and Google Jointly Bid on Kodak's Massive Patent Library?

Apple and Google Jointly Bid on Kodak's Massive Patent Library?

According to Bloomberg, famous tech rivals Apple and Google have teamed up to offer $500 million for Kodak's roughly 1,100 photo-related patents. While the partnership may seem odd, given infamous battles between Apple and some companies with close relationships with Google (most notably, Samsung), the partnership enables both companies to expand into new and different areas of photographic technology at a relatively low cost...

In the past, Kodak has said that its patent portfolio could be worth over $2.5 billion, but the fact that many of these patents have already been licensed helps support arguments against that figure. While no party has officially commented on the offer, it's still very likely that Kodak might be able to sell off its patents sooner rather than later to help fill in its $6.75 billion in debt.

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Agamemnon's picture

foarte bine, asa si trebuie

I don't understand Kodak, why don't they make a few beautiful camera's like Fuji? It's not all that difficult... 

Nicholas's picture

I totally agree! I mean, Kodak has had a long relationship with schneider lenses in their cameras, and the company (granted if it's the same one) is doing great things with Phase One's leaf shutter lenses. Certainly one dam good camera by Kodak can be done in limited supply, much like how the fuji x100 began. 

I got excited and checked my Kodak stock... still only worth 23 cents

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That's an unholy alliance if there ever was one.

Apple vs. Google.

iPhone vs. Android.

But both want Kodak's digital patents probably because they want to do battle with each other and possibly knock off Canon and Nikon.

Hopefully, Kodak will still live and produce film.