Flickr is Going to Help You License Your Photographs with "Curated Connections"

Flickr is Going to Help You License Your Photographs with "Curated Connections"

Flickr surprised us all (pleasantly) when they gave us an unheard-of free 1TB block of photo storage. Today, their platform is becoming even more powerful with "Curated Connections," a program that Flickr will start to help its users license their work.

Flickr will begin actively reaching out to its users to participate or license their photos. Additionally, it promises to help gain users noteriety by showcasing their work across its blog and parent company Yahoo's News and Travel sites.

The "showcase," however, doesn't seem to offer compensation at first glance, at least. So on one hand, this could look like a great way for Yahoo News to get free content. However, I'll wait a bit longer before making that judgement. We just don't have enough detials yet. And so far, it seems Yahoo is very much on the side of its users -- they're even going to help you book gigs (supposedly)!

In any case, the fact that Yahoo's Flickr service will be seeking ways to help its users earn money for their content is great news for us. Just choosing a licensing service can be difficult, as there are many options, and each come witth their own sets of rules. Taking advantage of Flickr's Curated Connections seems like a great way, however, to break through some of the difficulty with starting to sell your images for the first time. We'll have to wait and see what happens. But for now, start filling up that free 1TB!

For more, head over to Flickr's blog

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I think it's a pretty great idea, provided they aren't taking advantage of people. Some photographers don't randomly license photos regularly and this will be good for hobbyists who have an opportunity to sell something but don't know how to go about it.

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