The Headshot Truck Is Los Angeles' New, Most Affordable Way to Get a Guaranteed-Great Headshot

The Headshot Truck Is Los Angeles' New, Most Affordable Way to Get a Guaranteed-Great Headshot

On the heels of an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, celebrity and headshot photographer Adam Hendershott launched The Headshot Truck with his wife, Sylvia, and a team that includes another photographer, make-up artist, wardrobe and re-touching gurus, and even a tech and proper manager. The Headshot Truck is a great example of how a little ingenuity can give way to a brand new studio business while others are shutting down every day.

Today, the team takes assignments by appointment only starting at $250 for an Express Package. But this is no express rush-you-out-the-door shoot. The Express Package includes steaming and wardrobe recommendations for the clothing you bring. An hour-long shoot with 1-2 looks ensures you'll get something great. And for $75, you can tack on a 55-minute make-up session to really make sure you look your best.

If you want to step it up, a Deluxe package starts at $750, lasts for two hours, and will get the truck to the doorstep of your house so you don't have to deal with LA traffic. What more could you want?

If you're interested in more about the operation, the LA Times has a great editorial on the project. Otherwise, head over to their site. Some shots from The Headshot Truck's portfolio are added below:


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Cool idea. But I don't know how they're going to be making any money stuck in LA traffic all the time!

That's what the "GetStuck" truck is for. It's the followup version.

Currently, I believe they more or less decide where they're going to be and when, and most of the people show up there/make sure it's near them. The deluxe package people get the front-door service...

I hope they have someone watching out for parking enforcement!

They work like a food truck. Find a good spot and camp there. It is L.A.

sorry, it was more of a joke that I had to say ;)

I wish them the best ! Years ago I thought doing something like that.
I think it's a great idea.
Can't wait to see how their are doing...

I saw their project on kickstarter, then was looking at them again last week. I was hoping you guys would do an article about them, because I was most curious how they fit all that stuff in there. Glad the LA Times had a few inside shots! Good luck headshot truck!

Glad they got funded and I wish them much success! My Kickstarter campaign is sucking ___ right now lol!

I've seen a lot of comments other places complaining and talking a whole lot of trash about this and the quality of the shots. They're not Peter Hurley or anything, but they're still very well executed.

I agree about this being a rather cool idea. But after looking at the shots they did on the guy in the editorial I do not predict a long career. Pretty awful posing, composition...maybe, just maybe a couple of the shots could be used. But if the poor guys agency gets them layed up against a good headshot he will be waiting tables awhile longer.

The Headshot Truck is great at marketing--and that's 90% of being a photographer these days. So I'm not at all trash talking them. I'm somewhat jealous of all the press they have gotten from Wall Street Journal articles and LA Times, etc. Any photographer trying to earn a living would kill for that amount of buzz.

But the bottom line is that doing photo shoots in the back of a truck severely limits what you can do as a photographer. Its just physically too small of a space to do much with lighting, camera angles and obviously there will be no environment for the background other than colored paper.

And that is why all of the photos coming out of the headshot truck look exactly the same. If you could purchase a luxury DMV photo to appear on your drivers license, it would look something like the photos coming out of the headshot truck.