Latest 99U Book "Make Your Mark" Investigates Finding Success In Creative Businesses

It's not often that we feature book series here on Fstoppers, but I personally found that the three piece series by 99U was worth mentioning. In their latest book entitled "Make Your Mark - The Creative's Guide to Building a Business with Impact", author and editor Jocelyn K. Glei interviews successful creatives to find the secrets that helped separate them from the rest of the pack, making "Make Your Mark" a must have book for photographers looking to increase their business.

Partnering with Behance, 99U has developed a three piece book series designed for creatives to help motivate, educate, and inspire. Volume one touches on how to stay motivated and creative to build your business in a highly competitive field. Volume two is all about your potential, and how to maximize it to set yourself apart, and Volume three touches base on your focus, and how to successfully build your business with impact.

I was able to speak with Jocelyn K. Glei a few days ago about the series to which she spoke of the interviewing process she had with some of the most creative and successful people in the world today, how they were able to focus their attention, and build a successful business that embodied what they loved. She was also able to provide us with an excerpt of quotes from the book --

  • “Innovation starts with enthusiasts. The reason why it starts with enthusiasts is that they are focused on the right priority, which is the change they want to make in the world, versus say a business idea that will get funded. Their perspective is: How cool would it be if we could all have our own computers? How cool would it be if I could put up information for free on the internet and anybody could access it? How cool would it be if I could build an assistive robot for my grandmother?” - Tim O'Reilly
  • "And when you’re innovating, sheer thinking just won’t work. What gets you there is fast iteration, and fast failing. And when you fail, you’ve done something great: You’ve learned something. In hindsight, it might look a little embarrassing, and people will say “You should’ve known that.” But the truth is you couldn’t have known because it’s unchartered territory.” - Sebastian Thrun
  • "When you make things with your hands, you force something into being. Whereas, leading requires a lot of talking, a lot of communicating — not using your hands. And when you’re a creative who makes things, you immediately build a distinction between the talkers and the makers. And makers tend to look down on talkers. And leaders are talkers. You don’t trust them, but now you’re one of them.” - John Maeda


The book "Make Your Mark" is available for purchase today on the 99U store

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