Photography Business Makeover Workshop With Jasmine Star

Starting tomorrow January 9th, wedding photographer, Jasmine Star will be doing a different type of workshop. Hosted by our friends over at creativeLIVE, Jasmine is doing a 3 part series over 3 months on how to completely start your photography business from scratch. Be sure to tune in on January 9, February 13, and March 6 to learn how to rebrand and recreate your photography business.

As with all creativeLIVE workshops, the LIVE event is FREE. Video downloads of the full 3-day event will cost $149. But when you pre-order now, you can get it for only $99. Enroll now before it starts tomorrow.

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Interview with owner (Norma Lopez Molina) of images stolen by Jasmine Star + YWD Magazine A Girl in a Chair Workshop

Patrick Hall's picture

Do you have a link to the actual publication?  When I hear that a magazine or photographer "steals" an image I start to think that it is just some misunderstanding.  I know Jasmine would never intentionally claim someone else's work as hers and for photographers it's always tricky when an image gets used as advertising yet isn't the work of that photographer.  No one questions that a McDonalds image isn't always 100% honest, yet if a photographer uses a stock image to promote something then there is outrage when people find out the photographer didn't take that image.  

I don't mean to take Jasmine's side or anything, I just know that in many cases a simple misunderstanding happens and it gets blown out of proportion.  That video is ridiculous though, to say there isn't value in a $1000 workshop is so unbelievably subjective you could never make that argument.  Some of the most successful photographers I know have spent 10s of thousands on education and when applied, they have become the top of their field.  Okay end of rant....I don't know why I found this so interesting ha

Christopher Sztybel's picture

I'm all for great workshops, but Jasmine Starr is seen as a scourge by a lot of photographers.

I would say that is far from the truth. She is very talented and happens to be one of the nicest persons you'll ever meet if you get the chance. Her service to our industry has been nothing short of incredible and has been a good influence for many photographers. 

All I know is she is HOTTT!!