Some Useful Tips for Building a More Engaging Website

Your website is your calling card: it's the place where people go to decide whether they're going to book you or some other photographer. As such, it's important to make yours as memorable as possible. This helpful tutorial will give you some great tips to build a stronger brand on your website.

Coming to you from Peter McKinnon, this video highlights how one should really think about building a website that has an efficient, but memorable experience for the viewer and creates strong brand associations in their mind. Though it's oriented around Squarespace, since McKinnon is sponsored by them, the tips are universally applicable no matter where you host your site. I particularly appreciated his reminder that the average person spends 15 seconds on a website. As photographers and videographers, we're excited to show our work to the world, and we hope each visitor will pore over every detail and nuance of our creations, but unfortunately, that just isn't the way the world works. It's important to ne efficient, have a strong identity, know what to leave out, and ensure your website has a consistent aesthetic.

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Joseph Barber's picture

Square space ad... Lay off the coffee. Too hyped up

Michael Kuszla's picture

Coming from a Square Space website owner, even if the facts are true this is a non-sense. I mean.

Woah, this dude really has too much coffee in the morning. :D
So much talking with so little information...

Go on, say that I am a hater. BUT I really like quick informative videos without bla bla and he just doesn't deliver.

Alexis Cuarezma's picture

he's a really cool guy, but for some reason he likes to make his videos 10-12min long when they could easily be half that length. I had a Youtuber tell me that longer videos make them more money b/c it plays more ads, so there's a reason. And he seems to have a huge following already so good for him & raking in the $$$. But I find myself watching less and less when it's just talking for the sake of talking.

Rob Mynard's picture

Of course he talks like he's had too much coffee, coffee is one of his branding markers.

yanpekar's picture

so many generic little useful much caffein.

Larry Chism's picture

4 takeaways in 12 minutes, a little long, maybe? No, it only lagged for a few seconds... out of 12 minutes.
Thanks for this Alex.