Capture One Introduces a Very Attractive Special Student Offer

A few weeks ago, Capture One released a version specifically tailored for large studios and businesses. While some could have thought the Danish company was moving all its efforts towards this market, it's actually far from the truth! It was just a step to carry the needs of all professionals.

Capture One recently announced an initiative dedicated to students, and it's meant to help them reach professional standards without breaking the bank. While large studios or professionals can cover the cost of multiple photo editing apps and advanced software solutions, students rarely have that luxury.

Capture One decided with its Student Initiative to offer Capture One at a whopping 65% off of its monthly subscription or annual prepaid subscription, making it more attractive than ever to anyone who's still in school. The monthly fee for students to get Capture One turns out to be only $7, and the annual prepaid version is only $63, which is less than the price of a coffee per week!

The offer will require an application on Capture One's website. To qualify, students must attend a Title IV-accredited school of higher education. All details regarding pricing and application are available on the dedicated Capture One Student webpage.

As if the very aggressive pricing strategy wasn't enough in itself, Capture One has decided to push the concept further. They created a Facebook group named "Capture One Creative Lab – Students" for young and upcoming professionals to exchange and receive educational material explicitly designed for them.

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True, didn't care about the student discount coz there were less student loans

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From the title I was expecting the offer to be more like, buy 2 beers, get one free during happy hour at the student bar.
Oh well, students these days have different priorities I guess. 😉

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