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Deep Discount on Capture One Pro 12 for Sony Cameras

Phase One is having a sale on their latest Capture One Pro Sony 12 photo editing and cataloging software. If you only shoot with Sony cameras, pick up a perpetual license for $109 today.

The deal covers all Capture One Pro Sony 12 packages including bundles that come with Style Packs, the perpetual licensed software only (meaning you pay once and it's yours forever), and annual subscription plans that can be prepaid or paid monthly.

  • Capture One Pro Sony 12 with perpetual license plus six Style Packs: $247
  • Capture One Pro Sony 12 with perpetual license plus three Style Packs: $178
  • Capture One Pro Sony 12 with perpetual license: $109
  • Capture One Pro Sony 12 with annual subscription, monthly payments: $8 per month
  • Capture One Pro Sony 12 with annual subscription, prepaid: $79 per year

A full list of supported Sony cameras is available on the Capture One website. As you can see, there is a long list of support and it mostly comes down to whether or not tethered shooting is available, and if so, if the Pro Sony version is required (rather than the free but less feature packed Express Sony version).

To see all the features of Capture One Pro Sony 12 and to pick up a copy on deep discount, head over to the Capture One website.

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ed louis's picture

I got the regular version (supporting Canon and others) for 25% off, BHWPPI16 was the code I used, it was a promo for the photo conference.

ed louis's picture

from B&H

Johnny Rico's picture

Not going to lie, been a C1 user for years. Love the software. Have 2 keys that are kept current. This shit annoys me. I don't understand the preferential treatment this late in the game. I thought it was to capture market share originally, still probably is, but it's becoming a slap in the face.

EDIT: Why are my upgrade costs going up yearly when a select group gets to buy the software for 1/3rd the cost.

Daris Fox's picture

Probably because Sony/Fuji underwrote the cost of the sale at a guess.

RT Simon's picture

I almost ‘upgraded’ for half price which came out to $150 CAD. I almost clicked the pay button. This was not an upgrade but a 50% discount for new users. Eventually I found the real upgrade section, and in fact the price dropped to $78.00 CAD.

James Kent's picture

Having it sing only is a burden. iPhone shots? Nope. Drone? Nope again. It’s limited and should cost much less

M R's picture

What’s the benefit of using capture one over adobe?

Philipp Schmid's picture

No subscription, better performance, layers, faster tethering, sharper files for Fuji cameras, more options to fine tune colors. There's probably a lot more but I'm not up to date with Lightroom's newest features.

RT Simon's picture

Capture One is the best RAW converter out there.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

First of all, it's not Adobe forced to "cloud" and subscription anymore. Then performance, editing possabilities in the converter and did I say performance? I don't regret to move to C1, I even got rid of PS and replaced it with Affinity Photo...

M R's picture

I’m running affinity photo right now. They have their own develop persona. Does C1 expand upon that? Do you use both C1 and AF in conjunction, or separately?

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

The Develop Persona is an RAW Converter like Adobe Camera Raw in PS. C1 is more like Lighroom, but in my opinion more powerful in rendering RAW and Editing. You can send edited files from C1 to Affinity. In this case the file will be converted into a TIFF. For me, that is okay and it's working well. I'm aware of, that I don't have an RAW file in Affinity anmore.

But the easiest way is to try it out. There is a Trial Version of C1.

Philipp Schmid's picture

I remember when Capture One 8 for Sony was 25€ without discounts...

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Sony runs out of cash to support the program :)

Richard Richard's picture

Do yourself a favour and avoid their Styles like the plague. The worst thing I have ever spent money on. Utterly disgusting rip off.